De Ruijter International B.V. is a modern trading company and has been a leading expert in the area of rubber raw materials for well over 35 years with sister companies in Russia and the United States. We aim to deliver a high-quality rubber product. At our production company, D.R.I. Rubber B.V., we reprocess rubber raw materials into a high-quality semi-finished product (fibre reinforced rubber compound) that is suitable, as an alternative raw material, for the production of industrial tyres, automotive and technical rubber products.

With our technical department we monitor the quality of our products but we also serve the (potential) customer with advice and the solution of rubber-technical questions that are related to the application of the FRRC material. In addition we dispose of a certified quality and environmental management system (ISO 9001 and 14001). Through our activities we aim at the reuse of material and we focus on the continuing improvement of our quality and environmental performances.